We Offer a Free Initial Consulting


We evaluate your current marketing efforts and make valuable suggestions for improvements. We help you plan and implement social and digital media, train your marketing internal team on best practices and suggest new content and implement workflows or methods for reaching your unique consumers. Then we help track the success of your campaigns using analytical tools.

Marketing Assessment We start the marketing planning process by taking a step back to look at what has made you who you are today. What marketing efforts have worked for you? Which haven’t? Who are your top contacts and how did you meet them? Within what organizations are you active? Do you serve on any boards? What are your biggest frustrations in sales and marketing? Is your website generating business for you? Can people easily find you online? How do you communicate with your best contacts? How does this year’s revenue compare to last years, and the year before? How do new clients or customers find you?

Develop Your Sales and Marketing Plan Having a plan is nothing unless you commit to implementing it. Having a “plan collection” will do nothing to help you achieve your business goals. That’s why we will create a customized sales and marketing plan customized for you.

In this phase, we recommend business and revenue objectives, key messages and target audiences. We help you figure out what will make you stand out among the rest.. Enter The Four Pillars of Marketing. We then use our marketing system to help you create a balanced approach to your sales and marketing efforts. Your balanced approach will include how to expand and grow current relationships, develop new sources of income, build your name and reputation, and through targeted communications, let your customers know how your organization is a perfect fit for their needs.

Hands-On We set up a schedule to follow up with your implementation plan via videoconference, telephone or in person. We make your intention and planning become an action and then those actions generate results.

We also create a sales action plan for you that helps you identify many key factors, such as: type of contact, your last touchpoint and your follow-up interaction.

Measure Results What business person isn’t interested in ROI? We have yet to meet one. You are investing time and money by working with your marketing guru. Now you need to see the results! It is fair to say there is a direct correlation between making sales and marketing a priority and generating those results. We will only recommend what we know works. In fact, we go so far as to say, “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.” Before you spend one moment on a “marketing idea,” we will figure out how to measure the results, and if that is the best and highest use of your time, then you can count on ushelping you every step of the way.